Welcome to the website of the Texel Elite Society (TES)

On behalf of the board we welcome you on the website of our society T.E.S. (Texel Elite Sheep) The society was founded on May 24 th 2003 by a group of 7 enthusiastic Texel breeders. In the meantime the society has grow to a group of approximately 98 members.

The main goal of the Society is to safeguard the purity of the Texel and to preserve and maintain the typical characteristics of the Texel breed, its style and overall muscularity. Functionality and constitution are essential but will never be predominant over breed type. Crossbreeding with closely related breeds is undesirable.

The aim is to build a Society for everyone by everyone ! A club where every member or supporter with a love of the Texel feels at home, with the breeding goal as a guide but where there is also room for personal preference.

The breeder is supported by a comprehensive computerised program which includes on-line facilities for tupping details and entering birth. The programme can create flock lists and reports on high performing ewes and rams. The program TESonline allows the easy flow of data exchange between members and the central computer database of TES.

For the Belgian members and supporters there is an annual show in July. For members in the Netherlands, the Dutch show is held every year on the 3rd Saturday of September in Bathmen. This show is not only open for TES members and supporters but also to members of the two other Texel Societies, (NTS and TsNH) in Holland. Besides those two summer shows there is also a wintershow which is held annually on the 3rd Saturday in January in Winkel. These three shows give breeders the ideal opportunity to come together and talk about the breed in general and to enjoy the sheep presented.

As a Society, we are looking for enthusiastic Texelbreeders who can relate to the above and love the Texelbreed with all his typical characteristics. Perhaps the TES can be of use for you too ! For further information or to sign up as a member or supporter, please contact one of our Council members.

Ricardo Wervenbos